O'Brien competing for East Cork. Image courtesy of Frank Greally
09 Apr 2015

Fifth in ten-part series: Liam O’Brien a specialist in steeplechase and longevity

Fifth in ten-part series highlighting the best Irish masters performances. In July 1995, 1984 Olympian Liam O’Brien ran an impressive 8.48.65 for 3000 metres steeplechase (M40-44) at the World Masters in Tailinn, Finland. This Irish masters record has stood for more than twenty years with no sign of being touched

Joe Conway 0
The author, Joe Conway, racing in the World Masters in Budapest in 2014
20 Jan 2015

Masters athletes not immune from doping or cheating

Written by Joe Conway Athletes are never too old to cheat. Perhaps the most intriguing and somewhat amusing case doesn’t involve doping, but rather an athlete who claimed to be ten years older than he actually was. According to the WMA, [Brazilian] Francisco do Carmo de Oliveira’, a Civil Servant,

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