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04 Aug 2015

Symmonds gets his groove, Eliud Kipchoge faces the Finish Line: JTG 5 A DAY

How did Symmonds get his groove back? Check out the lifestyles changes, training adjustments and coaching moves that Nick Symmonds has made in the last year to turn around from being 14th ranked pre US Championships to winning the event overall. Read more here Dibaba reckons she can go faster

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Chambers was implicated in the BALCO Scandal
28 Jul 2015

TUE Tuesdays: The BALCO Scandal

Victor Conte, who previously had a career as a bass player in the band Tower of Power( and rather incredibly played in a band called Pure Food and Drug Act set up an operation in the late eighties known as BALCO (Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative) Conte and many others are

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Wang Junxia winning Olympic Gold in 1996. 3 years after she ran three world records in one race.
21 Jul 2015

TUE Tuesdays: The Ma Family Army

Genzebe Dibaba smashed one of the most controversial records on the books in Monaco last week. When listening to the commentary and to analysis afterwards, you will have heard all about the Chinese of the 90’s and of Stuttgart 1993. So for all the young kids out there, who are

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Gatlin, Gay and Rodgers competing at the 2014 Lausanne Meeting.
14 Jul 2015

TUE Tuesdays: Lausanne Rivals Seoul for Dirtiest Race in History

Ben Johnson is normally the first name of everyone’s lips when it comes to famous drug cheats but Justin Gatlin is giving him a run for his money. ( Pun fully intended) Last Thursday’s Lausanne Diamond League featured five athletes who have previously tested positive for banned substances. There were

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