Filbert Bayi sets World Record and wins Commonwealth Title
29 Jun 2015

Five Fantastic Front Runners:Catch me if You Can

So we have had our fast finishers but what about those who choose to lead from the front? We picked 5 of the best front runners in history. They are many more, we definitely had a few howlers and left some people out. Filbert Bayi These race has to be

Ronan Duggan 0
10 Feb 2015

Wanjiru Murder Mystery; Ice Queen on Fire; Trammell hangs ‘em up; Your JTG 5-A-Day

Wanjiru’s death: murder most foul? There was much speculation surrounding the death of Sammy Wanjiru, with stories ranging from suicide, to a drunken accidental fall, to murder. Previously, the consensus was that Wanjiru fell to his death intoxicated after trying to jump off his balcony, but new testimony, made public

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