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03 Jul 2015

Simpson Says, Adams arrives, Yates sorts out Clutterbuck: Your JTG 5 A DAY

Everything you want to know and more about Jenny Simpson An exceptionally long interview with Jenny Simpson, ranging from everything to tactics to her thoughts on growing up during her time in Colorado. Her thoughts on tactics: In the 1500 today, I feel a lot of confidence in the path

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Matt Yates
02 Jun 2015

Yates interview part 2: Drugs, coaching and getting back to basics

Part two of Jack Corbett’s interview Matt Yates, Great Britain’s last 1500m athlete to be ranked in the top 10 in the world, looks at what it will take to get distance running back to a good standard. He also gives advice What do you feel needs to be done

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Matt Yates
29 May 2015

Interview: Forgotten hero Yates lifts the lid on a golden era of British miling (part one)

by Jack Corbett Former British 800m and 1500m stalwart Matthew Yates is the last British athlete to be ranked in the top 10 for the 1500 (1993 & 1994) and one of a great line of milers preceded by the likes of Coe, Ovett, Elliott and Cram who no doubt

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