Liu Xiang kisses the final hurdle goodbye.
04 Apr 2015

The Female Specific Injury List; Hurdles Hero Set To Retire; Your JTG 5-A-Day

1. How Doping Steals Our Innocence Former Nike employ, and employee for our sport, Joe Rafferty tells us how the lastest Gatlin controversy has left him questioning his love for the sport once again in this interesting blog. Check it out here 2. Gunnell Not Expecting Rio Fireworks Barcelona Olympic

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04 Apr 2015

How doping stole my innocence

Joe Rafferty is a former junior international athlete who has worked within the athletics industry for over 14 years. Nike’s re-signing of Justin Gatlin has left this athletics aficionado in a spin and he wrote us a blog to chart the process. Drugs and athletics, athletics and drugs. Like death

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