Chris with Ryan Hall and Mo Farah
19 Jan 2015

Harrington’s Ethiopian blog: Work Ethic and staying on course

Chris Harrington is well into his journey and training camp in Ethiopia. Here he looks at the work ethic of the people and how he had a mild panic attack when he went off course on a long run. “Work ethic” This trip has brought many of my goals I

Feidhlim Kelly 1
Chris Harrington, second from left, with some of the other Western runners
09 Jan 2015

Harrington’s Blog: The highs and lows of week 1 in Ethiopia

Blog 2 Ethiopia – “Yes, the operated knee.” Nearly a fall too far. Chris Harrington’s troublesome knee and high altitude nearly took there toll on the first week in Ethiopia. Here he recounts his story. Week 1 Claire (wife) and the kids dropped me to the airport- “Goodbye so” she

Feidhlim Kelly 8
03 Jan 2015

Blog: Harrington dares to dream on Ethiopian expedition

Some people have literally laughed in Chris Harrington’s face when he’s told them about his dream – to run on the world stage for Ireland. In his early 30s with five kids, a wife and a full-time job as a builder, Harrington has packed his bags and gone to Ethiopia

Feidhlim Kelly 7