02 May 2018

The Comeback Podcast: Hyperandrogenism, doping positive and the stars of summer

Folks, it’s been a while.  Did you miss us? No?  Well, we’re back regardless, and have returned with the thing most people seemed to like about JumpingTheGun in the first place – our podcast. In this 47-minute rambling medley of hot takes, dodgy debates and pet hates, we unload our views

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13 Oct 2015

[Video] Gene Editing: Doping Of The Future

Gene Doping The editing of genes could be the future of doping in athletics, with the ability to alter defective genes in the human body becoming a real possibility. About 50% of what determines how fit you are comes from your genome, the other 50% is training, according to Dr.

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01 Oct 2015

Kenya steps up fight against doping as police raid chemists, arresting five

Kenyan police have conducted raids on chemists in Nairobi and Kapsabet over the past two days, stores which are believed to be behind much of the doping problem in the East African nation, arresting five pharmacists and doctors on suspicion of supplying banned performance-enhancing drugs. In Nairobi yesterday, police attempted

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Star billing: Eliud Kipchoge is the leading Olympic hope for Kenya in the marathon. Image via photorun
22 Sep 2015

Redmond’s winning mindset; Kipchoge’s time goals; Your JTG 5-A-Day

Football’s Dirty Doping Secret It may not be about athletes, but surely that’s a good thing? Essential reading by Cathal Dennehy on a potential doping scandal in football. “68 players across the Champions League, Europa League and European Championships between 2008 and 2013 were most likely knocking back some good

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Football has come under the doping spotlight after a study which showed 7.7pc of top-level footballers recorded high testosterone levels indicating a possible use of anabolic steroids. Image: 4dfoot.com
21 Sep 2015

Football’s dirty secret: ignorance is not bliss when it comes to doping

And so it begins. After decades of anecdotal evidence — think star players spotted at renowned doping clinics, rogue doctors bragging about trophies their pharmacology has won for club and country, major European titles being won by players with blood as thick as golden syrup — there is finally cold, hard evidence to suggest that

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16 Aug 2015

Quota System Boosts Irish; Doping Talk In Simple Terms; Top JTG Stories Of The Week

Funniest Moments in Athletics History From premature celebrations to drunken athletes, pole vault pandemonium to Carl Lewis singing, check out athletics’ funniest moments. Part 1:  Here Part 2:  Here No more Chinese whispers – Setting the doping record straight It’s been a torrid couple of weeks for athletics in the

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Dirty Blood: Rashid Ramzi  takes victory in the 800m at the IAAF World Championships in Helsinki in 2005. At the time, his offscore was 148, a level which had less than a one-in-a-million chance of being natural. Image: PhotoRun
12 Aug 2015

As Beijing approaches, time to separate the truth from Chinese whispers

By Kevin Byrne It has been little more than a week since the German documentary ARD aired and the Sunday Times printed their doping scandal exclusive. Since then, the IAAF has issued several statements, the Sunday Times experts have responded and a few other organisations and athletes have weighed in.

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Doped up: Rashid Ramzi, who won double gold at the 2005 World Championships, was later banned for doping. Image: PhotoRun
11 Aug 2015

IAAF suspends 28 athletes after retro-active doping bust

The IAAF announced today that 28 athletes who competed at the 2005 and 2007 World Championships have been provisionally suspended after returning adverse analytical findings in retro-active anti-doping tests. The names or nationalities will not be released until the disciplinary process is completed. According to their statement, the IAAF conducted a

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04 Aug 2015

IAAF fights back: their full response to the doping allegations

The IAAF takes the allegations published by The Sunday Times and ARD very seriously and has investigated them thoroughly. • The published allegations were sensationalist and confusing: the results referred to were not positive tests. In fact, ARD and The Sunday Times both admit that their evaluation of the data

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18 Jun 2015

Athletes respond to Mo’s missed tests and whereabouts policy

A number of athletes have come out in response to Mo Farah’s missed drugs test and on the WADA whereabouts programme that must be adhered to. Kelly Sotherton, Olympic bronze medallist in the heptathlon in 2004, came out in strong defence of Farah and said that “the media has just

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