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28 Oct 2014

Dublin Marathon: Magic or Mediocre?

It was Marathon Monday in Dublin yesterday, and while the race brought the usual magic atmosphere to the city’s streets, the winning times were distinctly mediocre. We look back on the race, hearing from men’s champion Eliud Too, and the Irishman who guides him, Neil Fleming. We hear from the

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Garda Vest
26 Oct 2014

Short story: Gardai’s Dublin marathon adventure in 2013

We got this short story in courtesy of Anthony Malone on last year’s Dublin Marathon where the Gardai took to the challenge of completing 26.2 mile challenge. Below is what happened. Now read on. We will have an elite preview later today.  “You’re going to reap just what you sow” 

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15 Oct 2014

Chicago coverage forecasts bleak marathon outlook

“That performance put this event on the map,” Carey Pinkowski of Steve Jones’s WR in the Marathon   Chicago Marathon Race Director Carey Pinkowski deserves great credit for bringing together one of the greatest fields ever assembled in this year’s edition. However, the map he refers to must be that

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Monte Gordo
16 Apr 2014

Jenga: a lot like running!

Jumping the Gun’s Ronan Duggan went over to Portugal for a pre-planned warm weather training trip. An injury to his knee has scuppered much hope of serious training. Instead he has made some tenuous links between Jenga and running. Now read on. Fogra: Eoin Callaghan’s final marathon blog will be

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18 Mar 2014

Con Houlihan’s artistic view on staying in sport and life

The next Jumping the Gun podcast will be recorded tomorrow. I wrote this impromptu piece below when my friend was thinking about giving up running altogether this evening. I referred to my long lost friend Con Houlihan for a sense of perspective. by Feidhlim Kelly 18 March 2014 I rang

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31 Jan 2014

Super Bowl gladiators? PEDs? Who cares?

By Joe Conway @joeaconway It’s Super Bowl week in America. Denver versus Seattle in New York, New Jersey. America’s gladiators battle Sunday for the sport’s greatest prize at Met Life Stadium in New Jersey. I’ll be hosting a Super Bowl party. It’s a spectacle like no other — the Super

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29 May 2013

A tribute to Con Houlihan

I still think about Con Houlihan every morning when I wake up. It is morning – well, mid-morning – as I start to write this column. This used to be the customary start of our daily ritual of tea and toast and Sky Sports News on mute. Frank Greally introduced

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29 May 2013

Reflections on Con Houlihan

“The pony express always comes through,” Con Houlihan would often say with a wry smile after we finished a newspaper column. I unwittingly joined the pony express in Martin Street in the Winter of 2007. I was 24 when I walked through the door of Con’s house for the first

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