Moses Kipsiro with Gerard Hartmann. Courtesy of Hartmann International
04 Mar 2015

Hartmann: A Blueprint For Success

A hot topic lately on the Jumping The Gun podcasts is the need for athletes to improve and the pathways to success to compete on the international stage. I had a good conversation recently with Irish Runner editor Frank Greally about the current state of affairs and the athletes in

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20 Feb 2015

Chefs To Brew Up Athlone Storm

Piece courtesy of @irishhurdlers at After his heroics on Wednesday night it looks like @TreyvaudsResto will make a surprise appearance at this weekend’s National Championships in Athlone. One of the new kids on the block in the Athletics Culinary world, Treyvaud set twitter on fire during the Men’s Mile

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High Achiever: Mutaz Essa Barshim was the star of the show in Athlone with a 2.41m clearance. Image: Loughlin Campion
19 Feb 2015

Barshim flies high, but we’ve hit a new low

There is a moment, during the 1976 film Network — which chronicles the story of a struggling US TV news channel — where lead character Howard Beale, the stressed-out news anchor, finally and completely loses it. “I don’t have to tell you things are bad,” he states aggressively, live on air, to his viewers. “We know

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Cathal Lombard on the right. Image via Leevale
12 Feb 2015

Are there differences between drugs cheats?

Cathal Lombard celebrated his 39th year in this mortal world today and he must wonder what are the differences between drugs cheats. On the 11/07/04 Lombard completed a drugs test and tested positive for EPO which resulted in a ban from 10/08/2004 to 9/08/2006. The Leevale athlete returned to win

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09 Feb 2015

A running vocabulary to become an armchair fan

Every sport has their own regular sayings and catchphrases amongst pundits and fans alike. In rugby for instance you won’t be long in hearing about being “first to the breakdown” or “breaking the gain line” and in soccer you will hear about the “hospital pass” and “holding a high line.”

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Harrington and Haile
06 Feb 2015

Ethiopian Blog: “I’ve already won” – training with the champions

Chris Harrington’s final Ethiopian Blog. “I’ve won already” As much as I was looking forward to going home I’ll miss Ethiopia, especially Yaya village where I’m staying – the ambience of the place, the staff & food etc. I’ll even miss when it’s, let’s say, 1 o’clock Irish time which

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DSD Women, regular national league winners.
03 Feb 2015

A league of their own;Revitalising Club athletics

So when is a national league not a national league? The indoor season in recent years has been at the forefront of innovation in Irish athletics. A new stadium, exciting meets, the introduction of live streams coupled with commentary from a group of extremely handsome young men and…Feidhlim. One of

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Sonia O'Sullivan winning the world cross in 1998
30 Jan 2015

Sonia stands up for cross country

Double world cross country champion Sonia O’Sullivan is passionate about the values of cross country for distance running success. She was taken aback that Ireland have decided not to send a women’s team to the World Cross Country Championships in Guiyang, China. She sent us in this piece. Sonia O’Sullivan

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Image courtesy of PhotoRun
23 Jan 2015

A marathon too far? Bekele drops out of Dubai

Kenenisa Bekele’s ability to conquer the marathon remains in doubt after he dropped out after 36-kilometers in the Dubai marathon in the early hours of this morning. The Ethiopian has been without doubt the greatest runner on the track and in cross country but it appears he is unable to

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The author, Joe Conway, racing in the World Masters in Budapest in 2014
20 Jan 2015

Masters athletes not immune from doping or cheating

Written by Joe Conway Athletes are never too old to cheat. Perhaps the most intriguing and somewhat amusing case doesn’t involve doping, but rather an athlete who claimed to be ten years older than he actually was. According to the WMA, [Brazilian] Francisco do Carmo de Oliveira’, a Civil Servant,

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