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Kovac’s Shot Put goes under radar

So with Genzebe Dibaba stealing the show by taking the dubious 1500m World Record away from the Chinese women, there wasn’t much shock and awe left to go around for the other competitors. 2 other performances which would normally steal the show were Asbel Kiprop in the Mens’s 1500m going to No 3  on the all time list over 1500m and  Amel Tuka in the 800m dropping from 1.46 to 1.42 this season to set a World Lead and essentially beat everyone but David Rudisha and Nick Symmonds.

Both got a small mention over the course of the night but as usual the field events got pushed to the side like vegetables on a child’s dinner plate.

The US champion Joe Kovacs unleashed a mammoth throw of 22.56m in the shot put, the best throw in the World since 2003 and it moved him to 7th on the All time List. This list reads like a drug dealer’s client list so Kovac’s record is been touted as the clean world record by other shot putters.

With Genzebe Dibaba consigning one of the most doped records on the books to history, we take a quick look at the truth behind Ryan Whiting’s claims.

23.06m    Ulf Timmermann (East Germany)    22/5/88: -The Stern in Germany  has documents that apparently prove drug use in terms of Steroids.)

22.91m   Alessandro Andrei (Italy)    12/8/87 -worked with Dr Daniele Faraggiana under the infamous Dr.Conconi, who was Michele Ferrari, the Dr.Evil of Lance Armstrong fame, mentor. Documents were leaked with discussing the drugs that had been administered, the respective dosage, the negative effects on their health, the targets that had been set, even the “philosophy” behind the whole process.

22.86m   Brian Oldfield (US)    10/5/75 -Angella Taylor Issajenko, a Canadian sprinter trained by Charlie Francis, said that she was given steroids on two occasions in 1981 by Oldfield

22.75 m   Werner Günthör (Switzerland)    23/8/88 -No mentions of drug associations with Werner found this evening. Leave a comment if you have any.

22.66mi   Randy Barnes (US)    20/1/89 -2 Bans, one for an anabolic steroid in 1990, won olympic gold in 1996 and was then banned again for life for Androstenedione in 1998-

22.64m   Udo Beyer (East Germany)    20/8/86 Beyer has admitted to knowingly taking part in doping while he competed for East Germany – which had a systematic doping program for its top athletes in the 1970s

22.56m   Joe Kovacs (US)    17/7/15
22.54m    Christian Cantwell (US)    5/6/04

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Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan is an athlete, coach, athletics fan and, most importantly, was once named Bandon AFC's under-12 Player of the Year. He was once a promising athlete but is now a promising coach, teacher and part-time athletics writer/broadcaster. While an 800m runner himself, Ronan has coached everything from pole vault to 10km with varying levels of bluffing. He has regularly been threatening to do something for years but is yet to deliver. He is regarded as our expert on the American running scene, though has yet, to prove his knowledge in this realm.


  1. Paul
    July 19, 2015 at 4:46 pm — Reply

    Lads, this is a very badly written article, someone needs an editor urgently.

    Also, feet and inches? Dates in American format? WTF??

    • Ronan Duggan
      July 20, 2015 at 7:20 am — Reply

      Hi Paul,

      Thanks for the heads up, article edited now. Thanks for the feedback, any other feedback for the website would be appreciated.


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