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It’s Aman’s World, Fluid Felix, Luzern Highlights: JTG 5 A DAY

It’s Aman’s World

Fantastic Interview with Mohammed Aman about his career, future prospects and also how he ended up shirking off the Ethopian “Long Distance” Tag and becoming an 800 metre athlete.

“Everyone from my father to my old coach used to say ‘why waste your time running the 800m when you can run the 5km or 10km?’ but I always believed in myself, that I could make it in the 800m,” he explains.

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Felix the Flyer

Felix, who was nicknamed ‘Chicken Legs’ at school thanks to her slight physique is well known on the circuit as probably the most graceful athlete of the sprinting world. The multiple medalist is profiled below.

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Wayde Van Niekerk

There looks to be no halting Wayde Van Niekerk rapid ascent this season as he became the first South African to crack the 20 second barrier for 200m in Luzern last night running 19.94. Van Niekerk ran 43.96 for 400m in Paris and became the first South African to break 44 seconds and followed up his history-making at the European Athletics Classic meeting in Luzern.

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Quickfire Questions with Scott Gibson

Scott Gibson is the Irish School’s Champion over 400m. He holds the Munster School’s record which he set in a personal best of 47.60. He also managed to finish third in the 100m at the Irish School’s running an incredible 10.76. He runs for Ireland over 400m in the European Junior Championships in Eskilstuna, Sweden this weekend.
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Missed Luzern? Catch it all on JTG

If happened to miss last night’s Luzern Meeting, we have complied all the main races for you.
We won’t give any spoilers, but the men’s 200m B race (second video down) was one of the highlights of the evening. There was Irish interest in the women’s B 200m (no video) where Kelly Proper finished 4th in a time of 23.36 seconds. Sarah Lavin ran 13.77 seconds for 6th place in the women’s 100m hurdles B race

See them here

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Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan is an athlete, coach, athletics fan and, most importantly, was once named Bandon AFC's under-12 Player of the Year. He was once a promising athlete but is now a promising coach, teacher and part-time athletics writer/broadcaster. While an 800m runner himself, Ronan has coached everything from pole vault to 10km with varying levels of bluffing. He has regularly been threatening to do something for years but is yet to deliver. He is regarded as our expert on the American running scene, though has yet, to prove his knowledge in this realm.

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