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Simpson Says, Adams arrives, Yates sorts out Clutterbuck: Your JTG 5 A DAY

Everything you want to know and more about Jenny Simpson

An exceptionally long interview with Jenny Simpson, ranging from everything to tactics to her thoughts on growing up during her time in Colorado. Her thoughts on tactics:

In the 1500 today, I feel a lot of confidence in the path I’m going to take; whether I’m going to lead or stay back a little bit. But the 800 isn’t that way: it’s going to be hard and I have to learn to take the positioning that the race gives me. I’m not good enough at it to be able to dictate the race scenario.

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Bubka Stresses Importance of School’s Athletics

Sergey Bubka offers his thoughts on the importance of schools in athletics, especially with regards to talent identification. He also points out the ancillary benefits of being involved in sport.

“ School athletics events certainly help to identify future stars. Even if young men and women don’t emulate Usain Bolt or Genzebe Dibaba, school athletics makes the social mission of our sport possible. It takes young people off the streets by keeping them busy after their classes and shows them what a healthy lifestyle and real competitive sport is about.”

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Valarie Adams Announces Comeback at Diamond League in Paris

Adams, who is unbeaten now for ah…. must be 124 years, is back to compete in this week’s Diamond League. It took longer than to clear-up the effects of her elbow injury. In Paris she will face all three woman who tossed the ball beyond the 20m mark this season.

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Plastic Brit’s Sister also a Plastic Brit

Cindy Ofili whose sister Tiffany Porter will run for Britain in this coming World Championships, the starlet has run 12:60 as a Collegian for the University of Michigan has changed allegiances this year and is looking to best her sister over the short hurdles. When asked if she felt British

Ofili said: “I do, definitely. Obviously I don’t have the accent but I feel ties here. My mum was born here and she has told me so many great things. My brothers were also both born here, in Birmingham and Plymouth.

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Yates sorts out Clutterbuck

This is a must-read.

Matt Yates who we profiled earlier this year is now coaching little known Dale Clutterbuck who has gone from the following in Yates own words:

“I remember looking over on the green at the start and thinking “who’s that wanker with all the tattoos from TOWIE? Is he a bodybuilder or something? Who’s that div?” and my mate replied “that’s Dale.”

to winning the “A” 800m in Watford last weekend which was his second-successive BMC Grand Prix triumph of the season. he has also ran a 5 second personal best of 3:40.46 over 1500m achieved in Bilbao the weekend before.

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Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan is an athlete, coach, athletics fan and, most importantly, was once named Bandon AFC's under-12 Player of the Year. He was once a promising athlete but is now a promising coach, teacher and part-time athletics writer/broadcaster. While an 800m runner himself, Ronan has coached everything from pole vault to 10km with varying levels of bluffing. He has regularly been threatening to do something for years but is yet to deliver. He is regarded as our expert on the American running scene, though has yet, to prove his knowledge in this realm.

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