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Dibaba V Ayana v the World Record v Heatwave

This Saturday we could see some sizzling performances in the heat of central Paris. the Diamond League is on and two unbeatable 5000m stars from Ethiopia go head to head and only one will come out with a 100% record. The World record is also under threat and Dibaba will be looking to hold off Ayana in order to keep the Record in the family. The quote below will show you how much better than everyone else these athletes are

To say that neither Ayana nor Genzebe Dibaba has been beaten this year is oversimplifying things. Neither woman has been remotely challenged. In their six combined races this year, the smallest margin of victory is 12.19 seconds; the average is 26.95.

One issue may be the heatwave due to hit Europe this week making the 5000m an even more daunting prospect.

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Justlin Gatlin gets USATF Athlete of the Week.

Gatlin who was Olympic Champion in 2004 over the 100m has won USATF’s athlete of the week for his performances at the US Chmapionships. Great to see him receive his award which is justice for all his good work. The two time drug cheat, who was banned for two years in 2001 and then for four years in 2006, ran 19.57 which makes him the fifth-fastest 200m performer in track & field history and is the fastest 200m time in the world since Usain Bolt’s 19.32 in 2012 at the London Olympic Games.

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In 2006, Alberto Salazar said the idea that Gatlin was sabotaged was “preposterous on so many fronts”

Alberto Salazar claimed the idea of massage therapist Chris Whetstine caused Gatlin to test positive by secretly rubbing a DHEA (testosterone precursor) cream on him was “preposterous on so many fronts”

If that was the case, his explanation that rubbing testosterone cream on his son Alex was to test to see if rubbing Androgel on an athlete after a race could cause a positive test seems unlikely.

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Denners Does Diamond Countdown Part Two

Cathal Dennehy takes a mid season moment to ponder the best performances of the Diamond League Season. He numbers 5-1 in part two of a two part countdown. The Diamond League hits Paris this weekend.

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2004 Olympic Venues have been abandoned and look like Ghost Towns

Only 11 years ago we watched Hicham El Guerrouj do the double in Athens, Kelly Holmes did the double there too. Now you can look at what happens when the Olympics goes home. What happens to the Monstrosities that are built and then abandoned. Its mainly photographs but one great qoute sums up the foolishness of the whole enterprise.

“It is not abandoned. It’s just that nobody ever plays softball.”

Read more and see the chilling pictures here

Yego throwing a monster. Image: PhotoRun
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Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan

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