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Bolt under trial, Marathon Cheats, Salazar’s Silence; JTG 5-A-DAY

Bolt, Blake, Shelly Ann, Powell all under trial at Jamician Championships.

Usain Bolt, Yohan Blake, Shelly Ann Fraser-Pryce and Asafa Powell are all slated to run the Jamaican trials this weekend. Bolt and Fraser Pryce are already automatic qualifiers but with both struggling with early season form they have both elected to race at the Trials. Blake is also not enjoying the best of times at the moment and will be hoping to make the 100m team as he has decided not to enter the 200m.

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The Kids are better than alright
Gerard O Donnell leads us through the spate of incredible performances. Firstly we find out about Candace Hill who ran an amazing 10:98 in the 100m. Candace is….a sixteen year old. Candace is a….sixteen year old GIRL!Then you have the 15 year old Tyrese Cooper who ran 46.44 seconds over 400m. Yeah hes in third year of school. Yeah he was born in 2000. Yes, 2000. An illegal wind we could pretend that 14 year Tia Jones didn’t just run 13:08 for the Senior Hurdles. She only needs a legal wind and .08 of a second and she could go to Worlds! Well shes probably got some homework to do instead. Kate Hall, the old timer at 18 broke the USA junior record when she jumped 6.83m.

Who cares Kate? You’re 18, retire already.

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Marathon Cheats
So how many times do athletes cheat at Marathons? We arent talking about doping or TUES, we are talking about swapping chips, taking the bus, hiding in a bush, taking a shorter route. Apparently its all in the hope of getting that elusive finishers medal.

One way to stop this is to get rid of finishers medals or i don’t know, how about an entry fee medal, the medal you get for registering. That should stop this craze.

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Second Nike Oregon Project Masseur speaks out.
Allan Kupczak has come out with allegations that he felt something was amiss in the Salazar camp, he claims that Salazar says Salazar used to carry testosterone cream and he claims that Salazar told athletes not to touch bags.
Kupczak said: “When we were at an airport together Alberto would say: ‘Don’t let anyone touch my bag – I have my testosterone cream in there. I don’t want anyone to get contaminated accidentally.’

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Sub 2 will do: The Race is on for Irish 8.

Elizabeth Egan gives Irish women’s 800m running the full once over with an in depth analysis of the Who: The likes of Laura Crowe, Rose Anne Galligan, Ciara Everard and many more, the what: the challenge they face, Sonia couldn’t break 2! and finally the when: when and if we are likely to see that Irish woman go sub 2.

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Ciara Everard
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