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Fleshman reveals all, Mo more Missed Tests, Ethopian 10k; Your JTG 5 A Day

Mo comments on Mo’s missed tests
Yesterday we learnt of Mo’s two missed tests from pre 2012. Today it was the turn of other British athletes to have their say on Mo’s missed test. Kelly Sotherton, Olympic bronze medalist in the heptathlon in 2004 came our in support of Farah “the media has just cast a big suspicion of doubt over one (of) our biggest sports stars. If true show me the evidence, if not stop ruining a life”. Plenty of the other British athletes didn’t have the same level of sympathy.

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Wild Card working wonders

Ever wonder who the Athletes are wearing a Gold number at the World Championships? Yes that’s right, they are the champion! The history of the Champion Wild Card started in 1997 and many thought it was purely to get Michael Johnson on the start line.

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Fleshman adds gives her two pounds to Salazar story.

Lauren Fleshman says that Salazar helped her get treatment for asthma, but she became squeamish when he suggested that she use medication in a different manner than the doctor instructed. Fleshman had an underlying allergy issue but was turned off using the inhaler when it was suggested she stay on the full dosage for the entire year in order to enhance performance.

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Ethiopian 10k Trial Results
Read the full report from the Ethiopian World Championships trial race where Gelete Burka won in a world-leading 30:49.68. Incredible! Muktar Edris won the men’s race in 27:17.18, booking his spot on Ethiopia’s team for the IAAF World Championships, Beijing 2017

Check out the full results here

Dog and Owner win State Championship in 4:15.

Yes, you read it right. Josh Helton, 24 didnt feel his training was sufficent for the Elite Mile, so he decided to break the Dog Mile record of 4:22. “We were standing on the starting line, and he was facing the wrong direction looking at the other puppies and trying to play with them. It was a funny combination of me trying to be focused to run a fast mile but then also having to tend to my dog.”

Check out the full story here

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Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan is an athlete, coach, athletics fan and, most importantly, was once named Bandon AFC's under-12 Player of the Year. He was once a promising athlete but is now a promising coach, teacher and part-time athletics writer/broadcaster. While an 800m runner himself, Ronan has coached everything from pole vault to 10km with varying levels of bluffing. He has regularly been threatening to do something for years but is yet to deliver. He is regarded as our expert on the American running scene, though has yet, to prove his knowledge in this realm.

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