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Pearson Feared Arm Amputation After Hurdles Fall

100m hurdles Olympic champion Sally Pearson has officially ended her 2015 season after what doctors described as a “bone explosion” in her wrist. The injury occurred during the Rome diamond league race (video below) which saw two other non-finishers, but Pearson came off the worst.

Speaking about the traumatic experience Pearson said “I was terrified seeing my hand going in a different direction, I thought they would have to amputate.” Pearson went under the knife in Italy and will have to have further surgery again this week.

“But I do put things into perspective and think I am very lucky with what happened. If it had been the ankle, it would be a completely different story right now and I’d be telling you something different.”

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Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell is an athlete, physical therapist, and MSc student. He is current national 110m hurdles champion and ranks 3rd & 5th on the Irish all-time list for the sprint hurdles events. He is occasionally referred to as GOD, not due to his initials, but because of his heavenly beard, which he has sported since the age of 5.

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