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English “happy” but looking to set new marks

Mark English made his quickest start to the season for three years at the FBK Games in Hengelo on Sunday but now he wants to do more than run quick times – he wants to start winning. English was happy with his quickest opening race in three years with his 5th place finish in Hengelo in 1:45.83 and now wants to start making more of an impact ahead of the World Championships in Beijing in August.

English will get the chance this evening at the Golden Spike meeting in Ostrava, Czech Republic where he’ll take on the King, David Rudisha, over 600m. The UCD athlete will take on Rudisha again on the 13th of June at the New York Diamond League over 800m – the event where he announced himself with a second place finish last year.

“I’m happy with my race because it’s my quickest opening race in 3 years,” said English to Jumping The Gun on his race in Hengelo which was won by European Indoor champion Marcin Lewandowski in 1:45.46. “The last time I ran this quickly this early was Olympic year before I pulled my hamstring. I feel like I’m even fitter now and as long as I stay healthy this time I’m excited about the season’s prospects. ”

An Irish record is on the cards this season and for English it’s about the changing the approach he takes to the races – positioning and trying to win the races as opposed to focusing on split times.

“The aim this season is really just to get involved and try win these races. I think the Irish record of 1:44.82 can be broken if I use that approach, as opposed to aiming for intermediary splits. I want to start beating guys on the circuit so that when I go to world’s they’ll not have forgotten my name. And that’s where the real marks will be made.”

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Feidhlim Kelly

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