Runways Review: Asics GT-2000 3

Asics 2000 2 Gel Cushioning Systems

Asics 2000 3 Gel Cushioning Systems

When asked to review the Asics 2000 2 I had to laugh, these shoes have been the one constant since I started running. My review of them is almost certainly going to be one of approval. It will probably be the most comprehensive study on one shoe in the history of shoe reviews. 17280 miles, give or take a few thousand have been ran over the past nine years in a pair of GTs of some number or description. They have trudged through sand, cow shite, muck, rivers, streams, tartan and mondo and they have never let me down.

They aren’t sexy, even though the later versions are starting to spruce themselves up a bit, what they are is a solid, effective shoe that allows to you to consistently put one foot in front of the other. The shoes I received were a dark blue colour and the colour has now extended down to the very bottom.


Asics 2000 2 Breakdown

Asics 2000 3 Breakdown


The new GT-2000 has a Fluid Ride midsole made of 2 cushioned layers – giving you much more comfort and improved support. The reason for these two layers is to give the impression of a minimlist shoe. For years every Asics tended to look like shoes on Styrofoam but with the upper layer the same colour as the rest of the shoe which decieves you into thinking its a more minimalist shoe. Result. #Trendy.

I have a pile of these shoes at home in various states of decay, we all have piles of shoes but rarely are they the same series. They started out as vehicles for aerobic development and normally end up being used to cut the grass or on the feet of some member of my family. Just like that old hoody you have had for years, these shoes are my go to shoe.

The latest version is no different, They aren’t shouting out that they are anything special, they aren’t particularly light but also they are in no way heavy.
They are durable and possess enough support to never leave you in any doubt that your feet are being protected and yet don’t feel as if your foot is stuck in a vice calliper. With less stitching in the upper, its all less likely to cause irritation.


Recommended for: Normally designed for over pronators, these shoes are the perfect starter shoe for a novice and just like most of this shoe, the price is also relatively mid-range at 130euro.

This shoe was provided to Jumping The Gun by Runways on Parnell Street in Dublin.

Editor's Rating

Heel cushioning 90%
Forefoot cushioning 90%
Comfort and fit 90%
Weight 70%
They are a catch all shoe, inoffensive and able to perform plenty of roles adequately.
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Ronan Duggan

Ronan Duggan

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