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Kenyans look to China for quick cash; Steel too great for Britton – JTG 5-A-Day

Steel denies Britton; Korir retains title at Great Ireland Run

Gemma Steel denied Fionnuala Britton the chance to etch her name alongside Sonia O’Sullivan and Catherina McKiernan on the winners scroll of the Great Ireland Run. Read how Steel had to keep pushing to the line to stave off Britton: “I was just looking behind because everyone was rooting for her (Britton) and thought that will spur her on a little bit more.” IAAF report here

“Experience” the difference for Britton

Fionnuala Britton had yet to put together a road result of much significance until the Great Ireland Run on Saturday. She improved to 33:07 from her 33:54 the previous year – her 10km road best until Saturday. Britton has now linked up with Catherina McKiernan’s old coach Fionnuala Britton and she believes his experience is key in her marathon quest. Read how she is progressing here

Clohisey leads the Irish in Rotterdam with Olympic qualifier

Mick Clohisey ran an Olympic qualifier on his marathon debut in Rotterdam ahead of a number of Ireland’s best marathon runners. Thomas Frazer also dipped under the 2:18:00 standard. Get the lowdown on Rotterdam including Peru’s marathon runners impressive performances in the men’s and women’s races. This should lead a slew of Irish runners running the Olympic marathon standard. Find out some of the contenders here

Quick riches attracting Kenyan hopefuls looking to cash in on China’s marathon scene

Some Kenyans are looking to China for a quick buck. They may not be as fast as Emmanuel Mutai or Dennis Kimetto but there’s gold in them there hills for the not-so-fast Kenyans. Read how they plan on earning a crust in China here

Retired hurdler Liu Xiang may make jump to show business

Liu Xiang may be out of the hurdles business but it looks like he is planning a move to show business. Read on what plans he has to hurdle into the next phase of his professional career

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Feidhlim Kelly

Feidhlim Kelly

Con Houlihan once told me that tomorrow is now. In taking on this venture I’ve started to try and put his words into action.

I worked for Con from 2007 till his passing in 2012 taking down his copy and a whole lot more. I have a Con Houlihan section which will go in to more depth on that.

I’m a long-time contributor to the Irish Runner magazine and am also working for the Irish Examiner.

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