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Britton on the rise in the Phoenix; Bubka V Coe showdown; Return of the Mak(au); JTG 5-a-day

Great Britton to rise in the Phoenix

Fionnuala Britton will spearhead the home challenge in this weekend’s Great Ireland Run. Check out Feidhlim Kelly’s race preview for the big race on the IAAF site here to find out  her thoughts. Here’s a snippet: “It can be a difficult race to predict, it’s at a time of year where no-one really knows where they’re at in terms of how fit they are. Some runners are getting ready for spring marathons and others are looking to the summer and the track. For me, it’s really just the start. I want to try to qualify this year for Rio but not in the spring. I’m going to wait until an autumn [to run a] marathon.”

Bubka V Coe; the battle for the IAAF presidency

Sergey Bubka unveiled his manifesto for IAAF presidency this week, and he will be up against it if he is to secure the top job in athletics, going up against Seb Coe. Mike Rowbottom, a man who knows a thing or two about the politics of sport, has analysed the battle between the two in this piece for InsideTheGames. “Bubka has already fallen to earth in this most testing of disciplines, having been heavily defeated in 2013 as he ran for the post of International Olympic Committee President. But this is the man who won six successive world outdoor gold medals. He is back on his feet, he is up and running, he is meeting, greeting, and his belief is vaulting. Coe, meanwhile, continues to convince as a man, and a politician, who hardly ever puts a foot wrong.”

Return of the Mak(au)

Former marathon world record holder Patrick Makau makes his return to the big-time Marathon Majors in the next fortnight when he competes in Boston, and he explained in this Q&A how he trains and lots more. Worth a read.

The Willis Way

Despite being 31 years of age, Nick Willis is better than ever, and he spoke to the Stuff in New Zealand today about how he stays in such good shape despite the advancing years. One key, he says, is a calm, long-term approach, such as this:  “In a world with mobile phones, internet and a need for instant gratification, Willis’s advice to aspiring athletes is to take their time. ‘The biggest thing I’ve learned is there’s no rush. Take your time and trust those who give you good, solid council.’ Wise words from a wise man. Story here.

Blake wants to double at World Champs

Yohan Blake is making his way back to the top after a string of injury problems, and the Jamaican spoke to Reuters this week and explained that it’s still his intention to run both sprint events at the World Championships in Beijing. He doesn’t exactly sound super-confident about having much success this year, though: “Maybe in May or June we’ll see something (on the track), but I think our long term look is maybe for Rio (2016 Olympics) and I would be pleasantly surprised about a lot of things before then.” Story here.


O'Brien competing for East Cork. Image courtesy of Frank Greally
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Cathal Dennehy

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