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World Cross in Crisis? Oregon Project under the microscope; Exercise marriage woes; Your JTG 5-a-day

World Cross Conundrum

A lack of interest in the event from many of the world’s leading athletes and the remote locations chosen to host this year’s event (in Southern China) are leaving the event struggling to make an impact. Running Times has a story today, written by yours truly (beware, self-praise is no praise) in which the opinions of Dathan Ritzenhein, Jordan Hasay, Chris Derrick, Brendan Foster and our own Ray Treacy are canvassed to see what needs to be done to revive the event. Read it here.

Oregon Project under the microscope

Since the Sunday Times ran a story about Alberto Salazar’s use of L-Carnitine, the microscopes have been out to examine the practices of the Nike Oregon Project when it comes to supplements. Letsrun.com have a well-informed analysis of the facts of the case here, which is well worth a read.

Crisis? What crisis?

British sprinters Dina Asher Smith and Richard Kilty believes athletics is not in crisis when it comes to doping, though both feel rather strongly about lining up alongside convicted dopers. Read their thoughts via the BBC here.

Want to stay exercising? Stay single

The New York Times had an interesting story yesterday on how lifestyle correlates with exercise trends which is well worth a look. Some of the most interesting facts: “Single men and women, for instance, exercise far more than married people, although divorce can change that. Men typically exercise more after a marriage ends; women in that situation frequently exercise less. Meanwhile, employed men, even those with desk jobs, usually exercise more than men who are unemployed. Parenthood, though, has the greatest downward pull on planned exercise time.’ Check yourself before you wreck yourself by clicking here.

For Kawauchi, it’s not all about the money

The Japanese pin-up, citizen runner and cult hero Yuki Kawauchi spoke to his representative Brett Larner today about his recovery from injury and when speaking about the planned $1m bonus for someone to break the Japanese national marathon record, the always-refreshing Kawauchi said this: “In the marathon they should go earn that racing in prize money races overseas.  That bonus money should be going into race walking and other minor sports where they have a chance of winning a gold medal.” Truly a man of the people. Story here.


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Cathal Dennehy

Cathal Dennehy

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