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McMullen’s leap of faith; Cain’s growing pains; bluffer’s guide to Prague; Your JTG 5-a-day

McMullen’s leap of faith

Adam McMullen was the first of the Irish in action in Prague this morning, and the long jumper from Northern Ireland was eliminated in 17th place after a best jump of 7.53m. However, McMullen has made a great jump forward this year, with a best of 7.80m, and could be the man to challenge the long-standing Irish record of 8.07m. Learn all about McMullen in this story by Cliona Foley.

Cain is growing up fast

Mary Cain was the subject of an in-depth feature in the New York Times this week. Cain, who has long been touted as the next great American middle distance runner, is finding life tough as she makes the step up to senior level. In this article, which goes back to Cain’s early teen years and explains why she was almost excluded by her peers for being so good, we are told the story of how she came to work with Alberto Salazar. It’s worth a read, and you can do so by clicking here.

Chad’s challenge: the story of a blind collegiate athlete

A fascinating story from Runner’s World today outlines the struggles of Chad Davis, a collegiate runners in America who developed a malfunction in his vision a couple of years back and has since been deemed legally blind. After a short break from the sport to get his life in order, Davis made a heroic return to what he loves best in recent weeks, running. Though cross country was out of the question, given his limited vision, Davis made a go of racing indoors, and successfully completed a 3,000m race last weekend in 9:02.35. He’s not targeting the Paralympics in Rio. This is a must-read for those of us who like to complain about more trivial matters. Story here.

Your Prague prep: Duggan’s guide to the Euro Indoors

Well-travelled Ronan Duggan, who loves to preach about his intercontinental expeditions, went on a recon mission to Prague in recent weeks (we promise he didn’t go for any other reason) and he can now deliver some sagely advice to all those travelling to the Czech capital this weekend. He outlines when all the Irish are in action, and what to do and where to go in between athletics sessions in this Lonely Planet meets Track and Field News guide to this weekend. Read it here.

Kelly’s heroes: golden loot shows up in postbox

Former heptathlete Kelly Sotherton was burgled last week, and among the items stolen was her Commonwealth gold medal. However, after she went on Crimewatch to appeal, the medal has shown up in a postbox. Sotherton is still missing some medals, though after the initial act of goodwill by the criminals, we can’t imagine they’re coming back. Story here.


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