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Doper Driouch’s foul-mouthed rant; Bolt hasn’t got the power; Rowbury’s pink tribute: Your JTG 5-a-day

Doper Driouch, the Qatari drama Queen

Turns out Hamza Driouch, the Qatari miler who was busted for doping last week, is as equally impolite to media requests as he was to his rivals, who he cheated out of success on the track as far back as 2012. When photos emerged of him training with Mo Farah in Ethiopia last week, the British press was hot on the scent of a story, and made contact with Driouch via email to find out the details of his training arrangement with Farah. A response from Driouch’s email, in a clear example of a man who feels he has nothing left to lose, and also decided to play the race card while he was at it about their curiosity around Farah, read: “Go to hell. First of all, f— you and all your s—-y questions. You English are ignorant because you say that you endorse a champion and then bitch behind his back. You’re racist and you can’t accept it when someone becomes stronger than you. I am and always will be better than you.” Lovely, Hamza, just lovely. Story via Ben Bloom of the Telegraph here.

Bolt beaten in 2015  relay debut, but on course for Beijing

Though Usain Bolt may have failed to bridge the 10-metre gap he was left with on the anchor leg of his seasonal debut in a 4x100m last week, the big man isn’t all that worried about the season ahead, and says he’s well ahead of where he was last year, but that he needs more power. Check out his thoughts via the Jamaica Gleaner here.

Rowbury’s lipstick: the explanation

Hey Shannon, what’s with the ultra-bright pink lipstick? That was the question on many people’s minds at the US indoor championships last weekend, as Shannon Rowbury took a double over a mile and two miles. Though many wondered, only one was curious enough to find out, and the result is this story by Megan Hetzel of Runner’s World in which she explains why it was a tribute to her late grandmother.

Porter the pharmacist on personal bests

Tiffany Porter is undoubtedly one of the world’s best hurdlers, and the British athlete, who is also a pharmacist, spoke to the IAAF this week for their weekly Personal Bests column, in which she explains her best friends in the sport, her biggest disappointment, the athlete she admires most, and lots more. Story here.

Relive Gillick’s glory years

Today is the anniversary of David Gillick’s second European Indoor 400m win. Eight years have passed since that memorable win, and you can relive it here and watch as the Dubliner made a little piece of athletics history.



David Gillick after European Indoor victory in 2007. Image: PhotoRun
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Cathal Dennehy

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