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Chefs To Brew Up Athlone Storm

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After his heroics on Wednesday night it looks like @TreyvaudsResto will make a surprise appearance at this weekend’s National Championships in Athlone. One of the new kids on the block in the Athletics Culinary world, Treyvaud set twitter on fire during the Men’s Mile of the Athlone International. @WillDowningComm commented “I’ve seen River Plate on a Wednesday night in the preliminary round of the Copa America but never Prawn Plate. He came from nowhere and really took over the last 900m of that race on Wednesday”.

Responding to rumours that Treyvaud once beat an egg to within an ounce of its life and received a two year ban, @AthleticDJ said he will turn his back on the Cooking competition on Sunday. “It sends out the wrong message to the young kids out there. He should be banned for life, we can’t have chefs like this competing here”. Hooper denied that he once ate a bruschetta that was made by Treyvaud when the chef guested in Mulino in Raheny back in 2012.
Treyvaud will face stiff competition though at Nationals. Former hurdler turned chef, @DervalORourke will be present in Athlone too and will start as favourite. “I am ready for Sunday” she tweeted during the week. “I have my quinoa speckled banana balls on a dandelion jus all vacuum sealed in my lunchbox, energy will be crucial, they are my secret weapon”.
The Ian O’Doherty of Irish athletics journalism, @denners87 is angry though. “I am angry, I really am. I don’t know why but I am angry”. Speaking from his artist loft in Brooklyn, he said “I am looking at some of these athletes and what they are cooking. I mean scrambled egg on organic rye bread. I was doing that in Limerick in 2002. If I head across the river to the Meatpacking district for a mid-afternoon brunch I will get a real breakfast, none of this second class Ibis style breakfast. I am angry. We deserve more. I deserve more. I am angry”.

Also likely to feature on the podium is @DavidGillick. “I’m trying something new on Sunday. I call the dish ‘Dhyana’. It’s an advanced meditative dish where I will stand by the hob and visualise the whale tale meat to cook. Tried it with the lads in Balinteer St Johns and they loved it”. Many see Gillick as the favourite on Sunday as he has delivered on the biggest culinary stage in the past when winning Master Chef. The housewives favourite, Gillick will no doubt whip the crowd into a frenzy with his creation.

Organisers had hoped for some overseas challengers. @FeidhlimKelly had been liaising with top Australian chef Bill Granger about competing. “The Irish chefs need to start linking up with the Bill Grangers and John Torodes of this world. Through my contacts in the Melbourne Cook Club, I can bring these guys to Ireland. It didn’t work this year but it’s something we are looking at”. Kelly will bring much needed body to the commentary on Sunday but was non-committal on whether he would have a matching violet apron to go with his trousers from Wednesday night.

@ponyyelof had some comments this week about the gas igniters on some of the hobs in Athlone. Writing in the Food and Living section of the Irish Independent she highlighted some concerns that some of the chefs and their coaches have regarding the equipment. @mcwexford told her “All you want to do is come to Athlone, put the bread in the toaster, beans in the pot and away you go. It’s been happening since 2002, I haven’t had good beans on toast at Indoors since they changed the direction of the shop in Nenagh and started selling soup. These days I sort myself out in the Farmers Kitchen in Drinagh before heading up”. Foley’s piece also mentioned that engineers from both Bosch and Neff have reviewed the gas igniters and they are up to industry standard.

The final word of this Nationals preview must go to Ian O’Riordan. He mentions that ‘if you can’t stick the heat get out of the kitchen’ and says of Sunday’s Athletics Culinary showdown, quoting TS Eliot, the creator of the original hipster J Alfred Prufrock,:

“Time for you and time for me,
And time yet for a hundred indecisions,
And for a hundred visions and revisions,
Before the taking of a toast and tea”.

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Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell is an athlete, physical therapist, and MSc student. He is current national 110m hurdles champion and ranks 3rd & 5th on the Irish all-time list for the sprint hurdles events. He is occasionally referred to as GOD, not due to his initials, but because of his heavenly beard, which he has sported since the age of 5.

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