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Jack Is Back On Track, Green Light For Hurdle Star

Jack Green was the 2011 European U23 champion and looked set to take the 400m hurdles world by storm. Olympic semi-finalist in 2012, and 4x400m fourth placer, Green took leave from the sport in 2014 after he revealed he was suffering from depression. Now back training under the guidance of Loren Seagrave in Florida, Green spoke to Jumping The Gun about his return to the sport and the season ahead.

Jumping-The-Gun: Firstly, how does it feel to be back training?
Jack Green: I’m thoroughly enjoying being back and it’s nice to have a routine again. In my time off I had quite a few days where I missed the athlete routine. There are still many days and sessions that are tough and I really have to work through but ultimately I’m enjoying being back on the track.

Green was part of the GB relay team which finished 4th in the 2012 Olympics

Green was part of the GB relay team which finished 4th in the 2012 Olympics

JTG: How does your new setup in Florida differ from the UK, on and off the track?
JG: The facilities here at IMG academy are far superior to anything I’ve been around at home. The Americans really do everything bigger and better when it comes to sport. So in terms of training it couldn’t be much better.
Off the track is a little different. It’s not the most accessible place and because I’m funding this whole thing myself I haven’t got the money to have a car, so it can get tough but I’m here to train and better myself as an athlete and can manage that for the time being.

JTG: What are your goals for the 2015 season, will you run indoors?
JG: My ambition hasn’t changed whatsoever but I am definitely more realistic about the future. I believe I can be the best in the world but my top goal this season is to make the World Championship final, as I haven’t been in a global final yet, and that’s the next step up. However, I think I’m good enough to do a little better than that, but when I look back to this time last year I’m already ‘successful’ for simply training and enjoying life.
Indoors wasn’t really discussed but if the right race in the right place comes up then why not?

JTG: Was there anything from your year off that you’ll miss now that you’re a full-time athlete once again?

JG: I miss being home and having the freedom to do as I please. I have a really good group of friends at home and to see them whenever I like would be great. There was never any worries about going somewhere and having to get back for training. I liked having no restrictions on my time. I would say I miss whiskey but I still have a few glasses here and there!

2010 World Junior Championships Moncton, Canada. Image: PhotoRun

2010 World Junior Championships
Moncton, Canada. Image: PhotoRun

JTG: What are the main differences (if any) between the American and British athletes’ attitudes to training?
JG: Obviously every individual athlete is different but typically I’d say the Americans train smarter. They don’t do anything that does not serve a purpose, whereas in Britain I think we train hard for the sake of it. The big difference comes down to being in good weather. In Florida I can run faster earlier whereas in the cold back home doesn’t allow us to do that.

JTG: How does Loren Seagrave differ as a coach to Malcolm Arnold?
JG: Loren and Malcolm are very different. Loren is science based whereas Malcolm is the old school coach. Loren also focuses on speed from day one whereas with Malcolm I’d do much longer sessions. It’s the best of both worlds for me as Malcolm taught me how to run hard and now Loren is teaching me how to train smart.

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Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell is an athlete, physical therapist, and MSc student. He is current national 110m hurdles champion and ranks 3rd & 5th on the Irish all-time list for the sprint hurdles events. He is occasionally referred to as GOD, not due to his initials, but because of his heavenly beard, which he has sported since the age of 5.

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