Gillick to add spice to celebrity masterchef

It’s a Thomas Chamney Tuesday today and here he has an article with David Gillick on his plans for the season and his upcoming starring role on RTE’s Celebrity Master Chef. The World Championships are out of the question on the tv schedule for RTE so we will have to make do with his culinary skills to get a look at him. He’s had some minor injury setbacks but he still hopes to have a positive season:

Gillick’s spice and all things nice

Athletics fans will have an extra incentive
to tune in to RTE’s Celebrity Master Chef with the news last week that our own
David Gillick will take part in the six episode culinary battle this coming
July. He will fight it out with seven other celebrity culinary warriors
including the likes of Aengus MacGrionna, Tracey Piggott and Yvonne Keating.

In the athletics
arena Gillick’s injury issues from the recent past have been well documented at
this stage but his resolve to return to the top table remains undiminished. His
recent training spell with coach Tudor Bidor in Canberra, Australia by all
accounts went well, seeing him log some impressive sessions in the highly
competitive environment of the Australian Institute of Sport.  A slight injury setback brought about a
cancellation to his season opener in Tokyo but with his feet now back on Irish
soil, he is taking steps to open up his campaign in the near future.

Some may be wondering
why he would decide to put himself forward for MasterChef during the height of
the athletics season. To that end, it must be stated that to be included in a
show that is nearly guaranteed to be one of the biggest entertainment programs
on our screens this summer is too big an opportunity to pass up on, especially
given the stage at which Gillick’s career finds itself. Also, it is highly
likely that the only way to see Gillick on the state broadcaster this summer
will be on MasterChef as the World Championships from Moscow do not feature on
the national broadcasters summer schedule. Gillick himself seems completely confident in the timing
of the contest: ‘RTE got in touch while I was training in Australia and I saw
that the dates just about fit with my schedule so I gladly took them up on the

Gillick admits
to having a passion for healthy eating and this is something he hopes to bring
with him into the fray: ‘Look, as an athlete I have a different relationship to
food than the average Joe on the street. I’ve worked with nutritionist Martin McDonald for several years and I learned a lot from him about what foods are vital to
high performance athletics. I’ve always had good eating habits, eating the
right foods to recover from training and all that. I want to bring that out to
a national audience, food that tastes good but is healthy.’ He goes on to admit
that his competitive side might be surfacing already, ’Now that I’ve committed
to going on the show I’ve been practicing some different things in the kitchen
to bring with me and I hope to do Irish athletics proud and give it a right

abilities in the kitchen have been committed to camera before, courtesy of his
‘I Am Gillick’ YouTube video (see below), which introduced to the world those little pieces
of heaven known as Gilly Bars. It remains to be seen whether or not he can expand
the mastery behind the Gilly Bar into more avenues of gastronomic pleasure. His
words certainly don’t leave one any more enlightened as to his chances, ‘As
soon as I got off the phone with RTE, I ran straight into the mother to ask her
“Here, how do you make that creamy mash of yours.” 

By Thomas Chamney


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Feidhlim Kelly

Feidhlim Kelly

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