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Marathon Monday: all you need to know about Berlin

In some corners the first man, Dennis Kimetto, to break 2 hours and 3 minutes (2:02:57 to be exact) for the marathon went largely unnoticed. The Kenyan was involved in a titanic battle with his compatriot, Emmanuel Mutai, who also went under the old record (2:03:23) with 2:03:13 on a pancake flat course and perfect conditions in Berlin. 

The coverage in the main media circles was scant but that doesn’t mean that people don’t care. They just chose not to report on it. How can they lay claim to that when millions of people tackle the marathon. Cathal Dennehy didn’t agree with them either and wrote copious copy on the event and had the privilege to be there on site. Read his pieces linked below.

Kimetto’s 5k splits:

  1. 14:42
  2. 14:42
  3. 14:46
  4. 14:26
  5. 14:32
  6. 14:30
  7. 14:09
  8. 14:42

His overall pace equated to 105 laps (continuously!) of the track in a shade under 70 seconds per lap. 

Emmanuel Mutai suffered the cruel fate of breaking a world record and finishing second but Cathal got a good interview with him before the race for runblogrun:

Cathal also covered the women’s race for Runners World and Shalane Flanagan’s brave attempt at Deena Kastor’s American record. “I came here to make American history,” said Flanagan pre-race. “My plan is to run as evenly as possible, go through in 69:40, and sustain that.” She went through halfway on time, find out what happened next.

Our Italian friend, Alberto Stretti, got an exclusive interview with renowned coach Renato Canova on his blog to analyse the new men’s marathon world record. Click below for deeper analysis.

Finally, don’t forget our last podcast reviewing the Athletics year in Ireland. We’ll have a detailed podcast on Berlin and an international review in our next podcast out this week. 

Irish Women's 4x100m relay team after thier National Record run
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Feidhlim Kelly

Feidhlim Kelly

Con Houlihan once told me that tomorrow is now. In taking on this venture I’ve started to try and put his words into action.

I worked for Con from 2007 till his passing in 2012 taking down his copy and a whole lot more. I have a Con Houlihan section which will go in to more depth on that.

I’m a long-time contributor to the Irish Runner magazine and am also working for the Irish Examiner.

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