Candid Kiernan

Jerry Kiernan joined up with Jumping the Gun to review the National Championships and preview the World  Championships starting in Moscow on Saturday. RTE won’t  be reporting from Russia with love so he joined forces with the dllletantes in Jumping  the Gun to talk about his biggest passion apart from Guy de Mauppasant and the classics: athletics.  

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Feidhlim Kelly

Feidhlim Kelly

Con Houlihan once told me that tomorrow is now. In taking on this venture I’ve started to try and put his words into action.

I worked for Con from 2007 till his passing in 2012 taking down his copy and a whole lot more. I have a Con Houlihan section which will go in to more depth on that.

I’m a long-time contributor to the Irish Runner magazine and am also working for the Irish Examiner.

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