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Galligan set to pace Cain for world junior mile record attempt

Rose-Anne Galligan ran her fastest ever season opener over 800m at the Rejkavik International in Iceland last Sunday in 2:03.69 finishing second behind local junior sensation Anita Hinriksdottir who ran a world leading, and European Indoor junior record, 2:01.81.

Galligan will be keeping youth as her theme by pacing US sensation Mary Cain at the BU Terrier Invite in Boston today for an attempt at the world junior mile record Kalkaden Gezahegn’s mark of 4:24.10. The Kildare woman will be pacing for 1,000m and will then go on to target the World Indoors in Sopot, Poland in March.

Here Jumping the Gun caught up with her to see how she is gearing up for the season.

Plans for indoor season:

My plans have changed slightly because of the invites to Iceland and Boston. I wasn’t planning on running an 800m so early but they are good development and training opportunities. Iceland was a training race and Boston is a good opportunity for me to run a fast 1k. Then the plan is to get some training in before a couple more races before Nationals, and then possibly one more after Nationals before World Indoors. I would still like to improve my 1500m time but 800m is my main event still. I have the 800m qualifying time for World Indoors from last season and have already run close to it again in my first race out so it is all positive.

Are you excited to be pacing Mary Cain?

I am excited about the opportunity it provides for me as an athlete to run fast over 1000m or so, that’s the main point.

Does pacing have a negative impact on racing?

It could do if you are pacing at an inappropriate time of the season, at an inappropriate pace or at an inappropriate distance. If those factors are addressed properly then it is very much positive – as it is for me this weekend, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing it of course.

What are your goals for World Indoors?

Firstly to get there of course. Secondly, to run to the best of my ability and thirdly, for that performance to represent a progression for me from previous years, remembering of course you can’t account for the performance of your rivals.

Is sub 2 minutes on the cards this summer?

Realistically, it is sitting there on the extreme edge of the cards. But I am acutely aware that when you are ringing the sponge dry, it takes enormous increases of effort to get less and less drops.

What type of training are you doing at the moment?

Apart from it being incredibly well thought out and excellently executed!? Haha! Nah, at the moment I am doing specific pace training around 1000m pace which covers strength for my 800m and relevant pace for my 1500m. A key representative session I do would be 1200m, 600m, 1200m, 600m.

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Feidhlim Kelly

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