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Steve Jones tells it as it is

Two-time Chicago marathon champion, Welshman Steve Jones, gave an insightful interview to competitor.com in which he had some harsh words for the ‘hobby-jogger’.

“…I don’t believe that starting and finishing a marathon makes you a marathoner. I don’t believe that. If you’re racing it to go as fast as you can, that’s completely different than being part of an event and just wanting to get from point A to point B.”

Full interview here.

MCCormack set for first marathon major

Fionnuala McCormack (née Britton) is looking forward to a new challenge at the Chicago Marathon this Sunday, October 11th, as she targets qualification for the Olympic Games next summer.The two-time European Cross Country champion is still undecided about the European Cross Country in December as she turns her focus the the roads in a bid to make her third Olympic Games.

More here.

Probiotics for performance boost?

One of the current trends in the running diet is the consumption of probiotics, but do they serve a purpose?

“I would not look at a probiotic as a performance enhancer,” Nutritionist Lisa Dorfman says. “What probiotics can do is keep the runner healthier so they can train better.”

Read more here.

Kim Collins: Too Much politics in SKB athletics

Former world sprint champion, Kim Collins, believes “politics” is hindering the growth and development of athletes in his native St Kitts & Nevis.

“We can develop the youths but there is too much politics in track & field … the politics of track & field is what kills the sport”

Read more here.


When Catherina McKiernan turned to the roads in 1997 she found what she was made to do. A human locomotive whose efficiency saw her record the fastest women’s debut marathon in Berlin and go on to win the London and Amsterdam marathons.

Full story here.

Image: Athletics Ireland
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Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell is an athlete, physical therapist, and MSc student. He is current national 110m hurdles champion and ranks 3rd & 5th on the Irish all-time list for the sprint hurdles events. He is occasionally referred to as GOD, not due to his initials, but because of his heavenly beard, which he has sported since the age of 5.

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