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Ask Larry (LBPT): Lower Back Pain

By Larry Brady of LBFitness for JTG

Lower Back Pain

Do you experience lower back tightness and pain when you run? Maybe even a touch of ‘sciatica’? Do you feel uncoordinated and “heavy” when you move?

In this video we talk briefly about two basic dynamic movement drills, that our athletes at LB Fitness use before EVERY training session, and ‘why’ we use them.

1) ‘Groiners’ (To open up the hips and upper back)

2) ‘Inch worms’ (To open up the posterior chain and activate the deep core muscles)

N.B. Many young athletes, and us adults spend at least 8 hours sitting a day. As a result our bodies tend to switch off, and at times, our deep core muscles turn to mush. Thus we have no trunk stabilisation resulting in compensated running and movement mechanics.

Please note that these are movement activation drills and your strength programme should consider your weak points.

Question of the day: What exercises do you HATE doing in the gym and why do you hate them?

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Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell

Gerard O'Donnell is an athlete, physical therapist, and MSc student. He is current national 110m hurdles champion and ranks 3rd & 5th on the Irish all-time list for the sprint hurdles events. He is occasionally referred to as GOD, not due to his initials, but because of his heavenly beard, which he has sported since the age of 5.

1 Comment

  1. Dermot
    September 22, 2015 at 12:45 pm — Reply

    Hello Larry Brady,

    I have what I am told is a problem with my piriformis (2 years now). Huge pain in left glute and tightness in hamstring. On long runs all of my lower back just tightens up and really weakens me. Any idea of what the best stretches are for me?

    I watched the LBP videos today and will defo be giving them a go. I am sitting at an office desk 8hrs a day.


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