Leading the way: Lauren Fleshman is a two-time US champion and five-time NCAA champion. Image: Oiselle
14 Sep 2015

Marathon Mondays: Fleshman’s Fantastic Food Tips

Marathon Mondays are back and with only six weeks left to Dublin we want to give you the best chance to achieve your goals and run to your potential. So we asked two-time US 5000m champion and five-time NCAA Champion Lauren Fleshman for advice. The Oiselle athlete [which by the

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Image courtesy of PhotoRun
14 Jul 2015

Eating With The Eatons: The Diet Of Champions

When it comes to nutrition for sport who better to learn from than Ashton Eaton, and his wife Brianne Theisen-Eaton. The best all-round athlete there has ever been, and one of the best female all-rounders in the world right now, they are the power couple of mutli-event athletics and are

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20 Feb 2014

Supplements: I want a Ferrari…but do I really need one?

Michael Black from Optimal Fitness is back. His latest post is about supplements (legal!) and the benefits of using them for performance. Enjoy. By Michael Black @OptimalFitLK www.optimalfitness.ie I WANT A FERRARI…BUT DO I REALLY NEED ONE? Now for me who is a massive car fan and a self-proclaimed Ferrari

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Food, Nutristion
10 Feb 2014

To Eat or What to Eat…Is that the Question????

Michael Black of Optimal Fitness (www.optimalfitness.ie) in Letterkenny is joining the Jumping the Gun team for what will hopefully be a weekly post on the site. Michael used to work with PACE Sports management with Ricky Simms in London in 2005/6 working with some of the best athletes in the

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